For personal or business users. Our device packages include full access to our GPS tracking platform and mobile APPS plus all mobile data charges.


£5 Monthly


We supply Self Install GPS trackers which work straight out of the box!

The OBD device just plugs straight into the vehicle OBD port, the 2 wire device connects directly to the vehicle battery and the rechargeable device just needs to be hidden in the vehicle! Easy!

​Mobile apps available for Android and IOS.

Track your devices on the move. Receive instant alerts by ‘Push Notification’ to keep you informed of events.

All devices come pre-configured with EU M2M SIM card installed.

Specially developed for GPS trackers, these SIM cards will connect to the mobile network which has the strongest signal so as you drive around the country it will switch between networks seamlessly.

Live GPS Tracking

Track assets in real-time using our web based tracking platform accessible through any internet connected device such as computer, tablet or smartphone.

Instant Notifications

Easily add and manage event rules and receive alerts by ‘PUSH NOTIFICATION’ to the app and/or EMAIL message as soon as an event occurs. i.e. Enter/exit geo fence, ignition on/off, speeding etc.


Create simple reports which include vehicle trips with date, time, address, trip length and time taken. Reports can be scheduled for creation automatically and emailed to you at your specified interval. You can select Excel or PDF attachments for email delivery.

Purchase GPS Trackers

All GPS tracking devices come with 14 days free service so you can start tracking straight away. 

Teltonika FMT100

One of our most popular devices due to the fact it’s so easy to self install. The device has just two wires, red and black, which connect directly to the two terminals of the vehicle battery. Once connected to the battery, a strong sticky pad on the back of the device allows you to secure it to the top of the battery.



Mini OBD GPS Tracker 

Mini OBD Plug n Play device. Standard model but still provides all the features you would need to track and manage your vehicle. This device is the easiest one to install. Simply locate the OBD port on your vehicle and plug the device in!



Rechargeable GPS Tracker 

Fully integrated and rechargeable. Standard model but still provides all the features you would need to track and manage your vehicle, caravan, boat or any other asset. This device is easily hidden on any vehicle and the strong inbuilt magnets allow for attaching to a metal outer surface. Supports ‘always online’ and ‘sleep’ modes.



No contracts! Simple Pay As You Go pricing

Service plans can be purchased online from within the GPS tracking platform.

Monthly Pay As You Go Pricing

Monthly service charge covers all SIM card data charges and software hosting. 

£5  Monthly


Annual Pay As You Go Pricing

Purchase a 12 month plan and save  on your GPS tracking costs. (Benefit one free month)

£55  12 Month Plan


All of our service plans. You can purchase any service plan and assign it to a single device. All prices include VAT

1 month service – £5
3 months service – £15
6 months service – £30
12 months service – £55

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